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2003-05-09: Release (0.2.2)

Tony Howard sent in some patches to add support for the following emulators/systems:

  • FCE (NES)
  • Dega (Sega Master System/Game Gear)
  • DGen (Genesis)
  • Mess Game Gear

This will be the final release for KDE 2.x. Hopefully a KDE 3.x port will be in the near future.

This patch was not tested other than for compilation!

2002-03-03: Release (0.2.1)

Well, I've gone through hell and back (a divorce).

Anyway, I've finally taken the time to revisit Kemulator and update it. Many thanks to Kirk Taylor for providing some patches for Apple IIc/IIe support as well as getting MESS 0.56 to work with Kemulator.

At this time, I've verified Kemulator to work with 0.56 with all emulators and zipped roms (for MESS). I you have unzipped roms or gzipped roms, YMMV. I'd like to hear feedback on whether or not it worked for you.

Finally, this release only supports MESS 0.56. It appears the file loading has changed from earlier versions (at least for zipped files), so, try both 0.2.1 and 0.2 before sending me a bug report.

At this point, I'm planning on researching python development. What does this mean? Well, I probably won't add much more to Kemulator as it gets the job done (at least for me:)). However, you might see new frontends for MAME and MESS written in python...we'll see I guees. If you want to join the fun or have ideas, let me know.

Just taking one day at a time!

2001-11-23: Release (0.2)

Support for SNES! View the changelog to see all the changes. Let me know what you'd like supported next, or, I'll just choose myself!

2001-10-26: Release (0.1.1)

This release supports MESS systems that I verified work correctly. Included are (a5200, a7800, coleco, nes, nespal, genesis, sms, vectrex). The ROM for MESS games must end with a 3 digit extension. This is usually is valid for an uncompressed ROM or a zipped ROm. Sorry, no "gzip" support currently.

2001-10-03: Initial release (0.1)

Scott Patterson